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#12 on Forbes’ 200 Best  Small Companies list in 2006, and the only direct sales company to make the top 20 for each of the last three years (Forbes, Oct. 30, 2006; Oct. 31, 2005; Nov. 1, 2004)


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Have you ever considered having a Home Based Business? With all the Business Opportunities out there, home based business makes more sense than the typical 9-5. A home-based business offers much more freedom; time-freedom, freedom to spend those precious moments with children and family members. Why not take a few moments now to discuss with me a home-based business opportunity with a company that Forbes Magazine has ranked in their top 20 for the last 3 years. Also take 20 minutes to watch Brilliant Compensations. This is one of the most educational videos on the internet today which is narrated by a Harvard professor and a very highly successful business man; Dr. Charles King and Tim Sales. Thank you for taking the time to view this information. Isn’t it time for a change?



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The average U.S. worker made $29,544 in 2006. In the same year, the average CEO earned $10,800,000. In every industry “a few people earn most of the money.”

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If you research traditional executive and owner compensation of most companies you’ll see that “only a few people at the top make the majority of the money” in every business model! CEOs of large U.S. companies last year (2006) made as much money from JUST ONE DAY on the job as average workers made over the entire year. According to an Associated Press survey of 386 Fortune 500 companies in 2006, the executives averaged $10.8 million in total compensation, that’s over 364 times the pay of the average American worker!


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